Saturday, January 31, 2009

Jill's 25 Random Things

So, there's this thing going around Facebook called "25 Random Things About Me" and it was actually pretty fun to type up so I thought I'd share.

1 - The most beautiful thing I have ever seen was a fenced off garden in the middle of a very scary neighborhood in Russia.
2 - I love cookies.
3 - My middle name is Suzanne just like my Grandma and just about every other first born daughter in my family.
4 - St. Patrick's Day is a very important holiday in my house . . . who'd of thought with a last name like McGill.
5 - Sometimes people ask me if I ever realized that my name rhymes . . . hmm, I guessed I missed that one.
6 - My husband has enough Samoan blood to claim that he is a Pacific Islander but he is tall, thin and has blue eyes and blonde hair. Go figure?
7 - I am proud of myself for the time I spent working for JP Morgan Chase. That job seemed to validate all the time I put into my education even though I studied linguistics and not finance or business.
8 - My all time favorite movie is My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I watched it so many times that one day my husband came home with some chic flicks just so I'd have some other options. I still watch my favorite the majority of the time.
9 - I really don't like lima beans.
10 - My first kiss was like something you read in a fairytale . . . Perfect!
11 - One of my dreams in life is to go on a cruise.
12 - I love waterskiing and iceskating.
12 (again!) - As a kid I had horrible nightmares. I also thought that there were monsters under my bed. The only way I could go to sleep was to imagine that the monsters would eat my sister first because she was on the bottom bunk. Sorry Carrie.
13 - I am a bit "Monkish". Translation - everything I do is organized.
14 - I play the violin and I used to be pretty good, but it terrifies me to play in public. Ironically, I love singing and speaking in public.
15 - I've always been afraid of making mistakes. Sometimes I was so afraid that I didn't seek out my dreams.
16 - I'm a great cook.
17 - My mom is my best friend.
18 - I love floral design . . . especially weddings. I really miss that creative outlet.
19 - I am amazed at how difficult it is to be a good mom. It takes everything I have to give and then some.
20 - I had a lamb in 4H and sold it at the fair to buy a 10 speed when I was 10.
21 - I have always wanted to go to beauty school and intend on going some day.
22 - I learned to feel and be confident in my own skin around age 25.
23 - I can't believe I'm almost 30 and I feel excited for what the next 10 years have to offer.
24 - I love and appreciate all of my siblings and my parents. I think that is very rare.
25 - Don't make me laugh too hard or you might get a puddle on the floor!

Lonnie's 25 Random Things

25 Random Things About ME.
1. I hate talking on phones but ironically I spent two years in a job talking on phones.
2. I love reading about pirate history.
3. I love Yo Gabba Gabba. I know that it's a kid's show.
4. I used to drag race in the NHRA Jr. Dragster program, and I won every race.
5. Sometimes people ask me if I know there was a famous soccer player that has the same name as my son Beckham.
6. I once tried to impress a girl I liked by drinking salt.
7. My middle name is Earl.
8. I love eastern Europe.
9. I have enough Samoan blood to claim pacific Islander on legal documents. My grandmother still lives with my clan the Galeai (pronounced Nally (like Wally) I) on Pago Pago.
10. I used to play in a metal band.
11. I actually write and play electronic music but as soon as I finish a song I delete it.
12. I hate needles and spiders.
13. I daydream about space.
14. I like to run in circles while listening to music...... it helps me think.
15. My daughter wishes she had a tail and frequently asks if she can have one.
16. My favorite animal is the duckbilled platapus.
17. I own every season of Alf, Dinosaurs, and Planet of the Apes the T.V. series.
18. I am related to the drummer of the 80's band the Jets.
19. I want to be a professor.
20. Growing up I had a crush on Helen Hunt.
21. I always had crushes on red heads but never dated one.
22. Futbol is my favorite sport.
23. My very first kiss was on a Disney ride.
24. My wife is a year and a half older than me.
25. My wife is the most beautiful girl in the world, that means all you other girls can only be................. did you guess? Yep 2nd best.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A little snow in Rexburg

So, Saturday it snowed a lot here and after getting dressed for the day (and doing my hair), I decided to take my kids outside. Once we all had our boots, gloves, hats, coats and snowpants on (at least 30 minutes later) we went out into the cold. I attached a bungee cord to our little green sled and pulled the kids through the parking lot. It was hilarious to watch my kids. I was laughing so hard I could hardly see. I wish I could have taken some pictures. Luckily I did pull out my camera to get a shot of McKayla's snowman. I think he's pretty cute. It was a fun morning.
This is me feeling really exhausted after running through the parking lot!

Beckham was very excited to go back inside where it was warm. He liked the sled the first time around the parking lot but then he became wary of it.

Notice McKayla doesn't even have her coat on anymore. Hey, at least I got her back out there to take the picture!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Well, this is my first official post of the New Year. I'm not keeping up very well. Actually, I am just starting to feel like my life is getting back in order after the last 6 months of bouncing from place to place. We have gotten rid of a lot of excess stuff and as a result actually fit in our apartment. I guess less really is more. I think the kids are starting to feel at home here as well. They are both sleeping better and that is a blessing better than all the money in the world. Lonnie is studying like crazy and working for one of his professors. I am babysitting in the afternoon in my own apartment to earn a little extra cash. I much prefer this to working at the gym. It's nice to get my laundry done and fix dinner while playing with a few extra kids. I don't feel so stressed out babysitting like I did at the gym. McKayla will be starting preschool next week and she is very excited . . . so am I! Beckham is his happy-go-lucky self, but I can sense he is quickly changing. He is discovering his agency and doesn't always listen to mommy any more. For example, he thinks it's fun to eat things out of the garbage and hide McKayla's binki. They make each other laugh constantly . . . especially at the dinner table while throwing food on the floor. I could give the karate kid a run for his money with my washcloth and my wax on and wax off cleaning up the mess. Oh, well. Gotta run for now. More to come soon!