Monday, September 14, 2009

Free Ultrasound

My new doctor just got a new ultrasound machine and was offering free ultrasounds. Well, who am I to turn down anything free. It was fun to see Liam's face in 3D and know exactly where he's at in my tummy. He's about 5 and a half pounds now which means he'll probably be about 8lbs when he's born. The doctor said my due date according to today's measurements is probably around the 23rd . . . that's also when I think the baby will be born. My official due date of the 27th has never seemed right. Only a few more weeks to go.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Prince of Pizza

Okay, so not long after we moved to WA we were really hungry for Pizza one night and splurged. We even shared with my parents and grandma. Needless to say, there wasn't much left . . . a slice, maybe two. When we got home I put the box on the table and hurried to get the kids ready for bed. I was finishing up with McKayla and calling the kids to come in for family prayer and scripture time. Hmmm . . . no Beckham. We all went out to the kitchen to find this. He was laughing like crazy. I think Lonnie was disappointed he wouldn't be having pizza for lunch the next day but . . . you gotta admit this is pretty cute!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Waterslide Mania

Shortly after getting to WA there was big church picnic with free bounce houses and other activities. We took the kids and McKayla was freaking out when she saw all the fun things to do. She was especially excited about the HUGE waterslide. I knew there were going to be water activities so I packed a large bag with everything we could possibly need but somehow forgot McKayla's swimming suit. She was not concerned about such formalities. She waited somewhat patiently in line but when it was her turn to climb up the steps to the top of the waterslide she couldn't keep her footing. Daddy to the rescue! He pushed her up most of the way until she made it to the top. She went flying down the slide laughing all the way. I was laughing so hard I nearly wet my pants. Plus, once she was down the slide she couldn't keep her balance to walk off of it. She slipped and slid everyother step. It was hillarious. In fact she slipped right off the slide into a puddle of mud and thought it was great.

Go Daddy, go!!
Can't I go just one more time? Please!!
Super-slippery. . . she could barely walk off.

Covered in mud and going back for more!
Not the best shot of the kids but . . . our kids are loving time with cousins. This is McKayla, Beckham and Jackson . . . all cleaned up after the festivities.

Upsidedown motorcycle

Ahhh, I hate trying to put pictures on my blogs. These pics are in reverse order from the way I wanted them to be and I don't know how to rearrange them. If anyone wants to share any tips with me . . . feel free. Anyway, I wrote a little about these pics but I left it at the bottom so that maybe the pictures will make sense. Please scroll down!

Beckham on his new "Motorcycle".
Kayla loves her helmet and knee pads.
Rock on!
Cousin Brett, Beckham and Kayla checking out Grandpa's bike.
Beckham's in heaven. He LOVES motorcycles!

When Lonnie's dad got to Rexburg for Lonnie's graduation, the kids were enthralled with his motorcycle. Grandpa McGill bought them helmet and pads . . . the kids thought they were soooo cool. It gets better though. On his way back to CA he stopped at our new apartment in WA. Lonnie, Grandpa and the kids took a trip to Walmart and returned with "motorcycles" of their own.