Friday, August 27, 2010

This adorable little man is 10 months old. He's got two bottom teeth and the top ones aren't far behind. He is sweet and calm. He's also got those adorably pinchable super cheeks.


We have a nectarine tree which produces really yummy fruit. This year the tree had a few problems and some of the fruit wasn't as good so I decided to turn it into pie. YUM!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The kids finished up their swimming lessons this week. I was really impressed at how well they both did. Kayla was a brave little fish as always but I thought Beckham would have been more scared. I think he followed McKayla’s lead. I can tell that he has learned not to be so afraid of the water. He is even letting me pour water over his head in the bath now.

Cousins: Josh, Jackson, Beckham and Kayla
Liam waiting for the big kids to be done.

Andrew waiting for the big kids to be done.

Sweet success . . . we finished!

Friday night we went to the annual Pasco Stake picnic. The kids had a blast. We got Subway for dinner and they loved getting to go on the water slide and bounce houses. One funny thing about Beckham, after finishing dinner he took off his pants to get his swim trunks on. But, he decided to go potty before getting dressed. He nearly peed on the blanket! It was embarrassing and funny because I’m sure people noticed what he did. Oh, well . . . you only get to be 2 once.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sleep Study

A few weeks ago I took McKayla to Seattle to do another sleep study. We got there nice and early so that we could do a little shopping at the mall. Kayla didn't think shopping was a good idea. So I took her up to the playland for kids.

When they do a sleep study they put wires all over her head, chest and legs to monitor depth of sleep, oxygen levels, heart rates, etc. she ends up looking a little scary! I never got a picture of all the wires they had to put under her nose but this is pretty close to being ready for bed.

In the morning she looks crazy because of all the leftover goop in her and on her body. Thankfully my dad got a hotel down the street so that she could have a bath before making the drive home. She wasn't thrilled about taking pictures so early in the morning.

Thankfully the study went pretty well. The equipment wasn't working right at first so we had to change rooms after she fell asleep. I was irritated but willing to move after saying a few prayers. I consider it a miracle that she didn't wake up as I picked her up and carried her down the hallway to a fresh room.

On the way home we stopped at Snoqualmie Falls. It was very pretty. Kayla loved it as you can see by that ginormous grin of hers.

Monday, August 2, 2010

His favorite things

Liam has learned to crawl and pull up and create mischief. Some of his favorite things to do include eating computer paper and chasing the vacuum!!

Summer Fun

I love these pics. Just a summer afternoon in the backyard swimming. The kids were having fun together . . . no fighting!!

Becks about to spit water

Sliding backward

Kayla loves to give her cheesy grin


My parent's mission call

So, these aren't the greatest pictures but they are still fun. On July 2nd my parents got their long awaited mission call and were shocked to find out that they are going to Moscow, Russia. We've been doing Russian lessons when they are in town . . . which isn't very often these days! They enter the MTC on Oct. 25 and leave for Russia a few DAYS later. They are supposed to learn the language at home!

Mom was dying while dad slowly opened the call.
Congratulations and shock!
Spreading the news.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Favorite Pics from June . . .

This is my feeble attempt at getting into my blog again. Here are some of my favorite pics from June.

6-23-10 Liam . . . fat and happy about his strategic towel placement. 8 months
6-18-10 3 McGills
6-12-10 Best Buds
6-12-10 Playing the piano together.
6-2-10 Help!
6-8-10 Crazy Becks . . . I'm not sure he really wants to swim in his hat, Kayla's strawberry shortcake shoes and bearman in tote!