Saturday, May 30, 2009

Just for Carrie

Well, I've put this dress on McKayla a couple of times. She always looks cute in the dress. Last Sunday I dressed her in it specifically so that I could take a picture for you. I even did her hair extra pretty in case you can't tell. However, she was extremely grumpy (see previous post for definition of grumpy) this particular day and we were running late for church. So, I tried to get a picture after church. She looks as frazzled as I felt. I'll try to get a good pic one of these days but for now you'll have to be content with these!!

What Train?

So, I guess I fell off the blogging train . . . again. Maybe I've never actually gotten all the way on! Here's a little status on us. Lonnie is graduating on July 23rd and after that we will be moving back to the TC in WA. I think I hear a few "yeahs" from some of you out there. We are working on getting an apartment near my parent's house and Lonnie will be working for my Dad. He's excited for the job and the opportunity to be around my family a little more. Most of our marriage we've lived closer to his family so this will be a little change. I've already begun packing things (actually, just adding things to boxes I've never unpacked the entire time we've lived in Idaho!!).

I am almost 19 weeks now and we find out what we are having on June 8. I'm very curious to find out if this one is a boy or a girl. McKayla changes her mind every day about whether the baby in mommy's tummy is a bruder or dister. I think I'm looking preggo now but all of my clothes are a little too big so most people must think I'm just getting fat! HA!

McKayla is on a new sleep medication that is like Valium. They also increased the dose on her other medication. This week has been stressful to say the least. Every time they change her meds McKayla gets a little "grumpy". That grumpiness includes aggression, anger, defiance, whining, screaming and general big-time attitude. My patience is wearing thin but thankfully she seems to be having less attitude problems and is starting to be more herself again. I expect another week of craziness before she's completely Kayla again.

Beckham is tolerating a grumpy sister and gives her a run for her money on occasion. He's been getting in all his molars . . . it seems like he's been teething for months. There is only one more molar waiting to push through. Poor little guy.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Birthdays Galore

I am finally getting to McKayla's 3rd birthday and my 30th! We celebrated on the 15th by going to Red Robin for a free lunch thanks to the birthday club. Yum! McKayla shared with Beckham and my meal was free so we only had to pay for Lonnie!

McKayla and Lonnie at Red Robin.

Momma and Beckham.

Then that night Lonnie and the kids had a dance party where they all put on hats. It was really cute because Beckham fell in love with wearing hats. They tried on cowboy hats, fisherman hats and baseball hats while dancing around like crazies!

Beckham in daddy's baseball cap.

McKayla still loves her cowgirl hat.

Daddy and his kiddos.

Then we had the real birthday bash on the 17th at a place called Blast Off in Idaho Falls. It was kinda like Chuck E. Cheese and we celebrated with our friends the Johnsons. The kids had a lot of fun playing on the giant jungle gym playground thingys, trying on costumes, playing in the arcade, eating pizza, opening presents and eating cake. Although not my number one pick for celebrating my birthday, it was a fun day. The kids had a great time.
McKayla in the ball pit.

Beckham checking out the playground.

Beckham loves Elmo and he didn't want to take this costume off.

Riding on the Tonka Truck. I think they rode this thing at least 10 times.

Beckham really loved McKayla's birthday cake.

This year we decided not to spend a lot of money on gifts and were pleased to find out that McKayla was still happy. This is her new bubble bath.

Look at the anticipation on her face as she watches Lonnie help her unwrap a princess cell phone!

Lonnie and I went to Olive Garden for my birthday the following day so I got a little celebration of my own. Yum. For those of you who are wondering, it feels great to be 30. I was actually kind of excited about this birthday for some reason. Lonnie keeps teasing me about getting older but I think he's just jealous. I think he's trying to catch up to me but some things are so great you'll just never catch up!