Sunday, February 15, 2009

All She Wants

So, McKayla is a funny little girl. Her birthday is coming up but so far all she wants are things that I simply cannot give her at this time in her life or possibly ever. For example, since she was a baby she has been fascinated by the mole on my neck. Now she likes to touch it, ask, "What's that?" and then tell me that she wants one, too. She usually asks several times a day. The 2nd thing she really wants is a bra. Yep. I keep trying to tell her that she will get one someday she just needs to grow a little. Unfortunately by the time she actually gets her own bra she probably won't be so excited! Life just isn't fair. Her final request is a tail. I'm sure it seems like a realistic request considering lots of her favorite things have tails . . . dogs, cats, lambs, mice and even Toodee from Yo, Gabba Gabba. No matter how many times she asks, I'm not getting her a tail. She'll thank me for that one later I'm sure.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Flickr Photos

I just added a ton of pics to flickr. You can click on the link to the right to see them. Hope you enjoy.

Monday, February 2, 2009

The Binki

So, McKayla has had a binki forever . . . almost 3 years now. It's been her friend, her companion, her stress reliever and chew toy. Well, last week at Walmart I determined that I was not going to buy anymore binkies after the new pack in my hands got lost or destroyed. It took a mere 2 days after opening the new pack for her to chew holes in both of them. So, Sunday morning I cut the tips off of both binks and told her that they were broken. Mean, I know, but I was having a hard time keeping a straight face while I looked at her. She looked so confused, so concerned. She turned it over and around and then tried to suck on it. She was not impressed with the broken binki and threw it on the floor. Every once in a while she picks it up to check if it is still broken. Thankfully, she has been coping remarkably well without them. I did feel a twinge of guilt today at Walmart when she kept looking wistfully toward the baby section. She knows where binkies live. I know she tought we went there to get new ones. Oh, well . . . I didn't feel that much guilt! There is a light at the end of the binki free tunnel. I can almost taste the freedom.