Tuesday, July 7, 2009

July 4th

The 4th of July was a fun filled day. We started off going to the parade at Porter Park. The kids loved it. McKayla liked getting candy but was a little nervous when they threw it from the floats.

Here's McKayla looking festive before the parade.
This is Beckham's favorite hiding spot . . . right behind the couch. We're lucky we found him before the parade started!

Beckham and Lonnie. Beck's got his "BobBobs" . . . aka fruit snacks.

Adorable. Who can refuse a 3-year old with flying pigtails and a punching balloon.

After the parade we played in the park for a while and then later played at the splash park. Kids had a lot of fun. We ended the night with fireworks at the Johnsons. I think our kids were intrigued and frightened by the fireworks. They are definitely not ready for the big, latenight shows!
Beckham at the splash park water wheel.

McKayla will go up and down this slide for over an hour. The girl has limitless energy.

Playing at the park.

Ride cowboy, ride!

July 3rd

We had a really nice, extended 4th of July weekend. On the 3rd we took our kids to Yellowstone. It's only an hour and a half away. If only we'd known it was so close we would have gone more often! Oh, well. McKayla really liked going to the "big park" and loved feeding the "goats" (any 4 legged animal). Beckham had a lot of fun, too. I was surprised by how well behaved they were. We saw geysers and hotpots, lots of mule deer and buffalo and people from all over the world. We also saw Old Faithful spout a little but a very considerate storm rained on our parade before we got to see her really blow. We were soaked and freezing. Kayla looked up at me and said, "Kayla freezing". Poor baby. Our friends had gone the day before and came back with sunburns so we wore shorts, t-shirts and sandals. I didn't think to bring our rain ponchos and hot cocoa.

Lunch time. Is this a cheesy picture or what?
Me looking fabulously soaked. Brrr!!
Family Shot at a hot pot.

Beckham and Daddy.