Sunday, December 28, 2008

A few pics from the delinquent blogger . . .

So, I haven't written anything for several weeks . . . actually, I haven't written the entire time we've been in WA. It's difficult to get much screen time in this house. Oh, well. I thought I'd post a few pics for tonight. Hopefully, I'll get to Beckham's first birthday and Christmas in the next few days before we head back to Rexburg . . . brrr!

11-28-08 Kids sleeping in the back seat. They kept holding hands. It was so cute!

12-10-08 Beckham loves spaghetti!

12-6-08 Beckham was sleeping in the room where McKayla's coat was hanging so we improvised with my sweatshirt. It was just a tad too big!

12-4-08 McKayla celebrated getting earrings with a big fat chocolate sundae from Dairy Queen. She thought she was pretty hot stuff. Later that day she took one of the earrings out and I had to repierce it myself. Ew. She wasn't too happy about that either. Since then she's been good about keeping them in.