Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! We celebrated last night with our ward party and trunk-or-treat. Kayla and Becks were so excited to finally get to wear their costumes.
"To Infinity and Beyond"
We bought their costumes at the beginning of October and they've worn them most days of the week at some point in the day.

Liam was our cute little puppy dog. The older kids thought his floppy ears and tail were hillarious. It was really cute to see him crawl around and wag his tail.
We stopped at Great Grandma's house before the party for pictures and our first treats.

Tonight we celebrated by watching "Toy Story II" and eating popcorn and candy. Liam ate some yummy cereal. One is attached to his neck . . . I think he was saving it for a bedtime snack! Marvin was catching all the leftovers.

Becks was loving his tootsie pop as much as he loves his new monkey jammies.

Kayla can't resist an opportunity to give me a classic cheeser! All in all a good holiday!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Liam's first birthday

We celebrated Liam's birthday a little early so that my parents could attend. Liam was pretty excited about opening up his presents.
He wasn't too sure if this was really his.
Now he's sure and loving it!
This was my masterpiece.
His face really lit up when he saw the cake.
Tastes good so far.
What do you mean there's no more cake?

Kayla and Beckham liked the cake too.

On Liam's real birthday he was still loving his special firetruck.

Pumpkin Patch

There is a really fun place to go to pick out pumpkins just outside of town. It's more of country market and mini carnival with a pumpkin patch on site. It was a lot of fun.
The weather was a little chilly but Liam tried to stay warm.

The kids got to ride a carousel, an airplane carnival ride and jump in bounce houses.

They pet some animals, walked through the corn maze and climbed the hay bale mountain.

Kayla just wanted to know what would come next!
Cotton Candy! I love the progression of pictures below . . . Beckham really enjoyed his cotton candy. I think he was sticky for the rest of the day.

Next, it was time for a tractor ride out to the pumpkins.

Kayla picked a white pumpkin, Becks got a bumpy one and we got a little orange one for Liam.

Sunday night we carved the two smooth pumpkins and the kids thought it was awesome to turn out the lights and watch them glow!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Unwrap My Present

Beckham and McKayla like to play a game called, “Unwrap My Present”. They wrap different toys in blankets and then unwrap them. This morning they were playing in the kitchen when I asked Beckham to come get dressed. As I’m putting his clothes on I hear Kayla yell, “Beckham, unwrap my present.” To which he responds, “Kayla I’m getting dressed. Be patient!” She didn’t quite understand him and asked him to play again. He said, “I’m getting dressed ... be patient!” I was trying not to laugh because he was so serious about the whole thing! I don't think the humor of this little conversation comes through in a blog. I wish I had it recorded on video!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Some Newish Pictures

I just have a ton of pictures from the summer that I figured I should post since I'm probably never going to get around to doing a full blog about them. This first picture is Becks. It's not the best quality but he looked so cute this day. He loves getting dressed up fancy! He was so proud of his little gray suit and tie. I just got him some new black church shoes and he is desperate to wear them. Everyday he asks me, "Is it church day?" Sorry kiddo . . . not yet!

In early September Lonnie got to go to a 49ers game in Seattle and came home with new soccer jerseys for everyone . . . well, at least everyone in the photo! The kids were so excited to have a "daddy shirt".
I love this picture of Kayla. It's so rare for her to smile pretty for a picture.
Several times a week we take the kids over to the park to play. Lately they've really been into climbing this big rock. Becks still needs a little help but Kayla climbs it like nothing else. Lonnie is hoping that his rock-climbing buddy Alan will be proud of the following photos.

Kayla gets a fun homework project from school to do with the family. This month the kids got to make crowns and they wore them for days.
Here's my Beckham. He's just such a good boy.