Thursday, February 24, 2011


Any one who knows my little miss, knows that she's had a lot of problems sleeping. That could be the biggest understatement of all time! She takes a bus to school that pulls up in front of our house at 7:03am . . . that's right. She has to be up, dressed and ready to go. Normally that hasn't been a problem because she has always been awake when I go in to wake her. Lately she's been sleeping when I go in or at least being very quiet under her blankets listening to her glowing seahorse. Well, this morning everything was quiet so I sat on her bed and put my hand on her back to gently wake her. To which she responded in a very low, growl, "Get offa my bed. I tryin' ta sleep." I just started laughing. I'm going to take this as a good sign that the longer she is seizure-free, the more her brain is relaxing and letting her rest.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

So, the tradition in our house for Valentine's Day is a hearty and healthy breakfast of doughnuts, chocolate milk and strawberries! Yum! Liam mostly ate strawberries but he was impressed with his first few bites of doughnut.

Kayla helped me pick out the doughnuts and was so anxious to be able to eat even though she had a little bit of a cold. When she finished her doughnut she walked over to the almost empty box and said, "More muffins please!" Sorry Kayla, this is a one doughnut per person tradition. I tried to convince her to eat her strawberries but that was a bust.
We got some special chocolate milk that had characters from Toy Story on them. Kayla had Jessie and Beckham had Buzz . . . plus straws, because you can't drink chocolate milk without a straw!
Becks was just as anxious for Breakfast as Kayla . . . although he ate everything! I'm surprised he didn't lick the plate!
Later the kids got some new toys for their sand box and some bubbles. We spent most of the morning outside playing and they were thrilled.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Josh's 3rd Bday

This cute little guy just turned 3! He was pretty interested in playing on the toys but was persuaded to come and have some cake.
He had lots of family come to celebrate . . .
Brett, Austin and Theresa . . .
Kayla & Becks . . .
Liam . . .
His daddy Scott . . .
Baby brother Andrew . . . (He was really hoping this was his party!)
and big brother Jackson. Great Grma and Uncle Lonnie were there too, but missed getting in a photo.
His mommy got some yummy cupcakes and then it was time for presents.

If you don't believe how yummy the cupcakes were just watch Liam eat one!

Awww, yes . . . ultimate enjoyment.

Random Photos and Stories

Okay, so the kids have said and done some pretty funny things lately and if I don't write them down they will be lost forever.

I don't have a picture for this story but . . . the other night the Schwann's man came and Lonnie bought his ice cream. Later while having a discussion with Becks about ice cream Lonnie asked if it was a "sometimes" food or an "anytime" food. Becks said, "Its an anytime food because it's tasty and yummy and good for our bodies!" Well, he got the tasty and yummy part right!

The following set of pictures shows just how much Liam loves Marvin's cage. He kicks the poor pooch and his blanket out and then proceeds to chew on his bone. Ewww! That totally grosses me out. Beckham likes to get him all worked up by opening the cage door. Apparently Liam likes his privacy while doing disgusting things.

I just like this picture. Don't they look like little angels playing potato heads together?!
These two love to play dollhouse and "boy dollhouse" together. Daddy got them to pose for this one. Nothing like watching cartoons and playing next to each other!
This is Liam's demonstration of how to eat a sandwich. First you open it. Then you poke it and try to get the jam off. Then you wipe anything that doesn't make it into your mouth all over your shirt in case you get hungry later. Bread is simply a convenient way to serve jam.

The other night we decided to let Liam watch Kayla's old sign language video. Well, he wasn't the only one who got excited to see BeeBo the signing bear! Kayla climbed right up next to Liam and was telling him all the important parts of the movie. She used to watch this every night before for bed for over a year. It was really sweet to see her like that with Liam. Beckham was also reliving his past in complete relaxation mode on top of the couch. He's not supposed to be up there but he looked so comfy.

Liam loves the phone. Anytime it rings or he sees someone on the phone he walks around like this saying, "Heh-whoa!"
I'm pretty on top of making sure the kids get their naps but yesterday it just didn't work out. He took a power nap in the car around 11 and then wouldn't take his regular nap at 1. I finally let him out after he played in his bed for an hour. Well, he crashed just as we were about to eat dinner. It was so cute. We let him sleep for about 20 minutes and then tried to wake him. He didn't want to open his eyes until Lonnie mentioned pizza . . . he perked right up!
So, a while back Kayla had to get a tooth pulled. It hurt of course but she was very excited that the tooth fairy would get to visit her. She loved getting her first quarter. Then a few nights later she ran out of her bedroom telling us to wait. When she came back she had a picture of a tooth that she had printed off the computer. She stuck it under her pillow and then looked up expectantly. "Tooth fairy?" she asked hopefully. We all started laughing. I think she knew it was a long shot but you can't blame a girl for trying!
One last thing about Kayla . . . she made it 1 whole year! She has now been seizure free for a year and day. 2 more years to go and maybe she won't need to be on meds anymore!