Thursday, September 30, 2010

First Week of School

Kayla just finished up her first week of school and she loves it. Earlier this summer we had to make a paper chain to help her cope with the time it was taking for school to start again. She gets to ride the bus and she loves that, too. It takes almost an hour for her to get to and from school but she doesn't seem to mind. Her teacher seems nice enough and they've agreed to give her her medicine at lunch time. I made her a little necklace to help her teacher remember to give it to her. She made a new friend and I am grateful that she loves going to school. It's amazing how the atmosphere at home changes the moment she gets on the bus. No more fighting, no more tantrums . . . Liam and Beckham both take naps after lunch and this pregnant mama does, too. I love school!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

11 Months

Liam is a 11 months old! His two bottom teeth are still his only big boy teeth. His top teeth are so close to coming in you can see them through the gums. He can drink from his sippie and hold his own bottle although he prefers you do it for him. He likes his snuggle time. He often fights Marvin for scraps under the table. Marvin loves to follow Liam after mealtime for the occasional cherri-o that is stuck to his bum!!

Just for fun we made him a mohawk . . . I think he might be ready for his first haircut! He's holding his special monkey. He loves that thing and can't sleep without it.

I've just recently started letting him play in the rocks in the backyard with Kayla and Becks. He loves it and he doesn't eat too many of the rocks.

He actually took his first steps a few days ago. I was holding him in the standing position on the floor when Lonnie got down at his eye level. Liam thought I was still holding him and took 3 steps into his arms. Lonnie thought I was trying to show him that Liam could walk but I was just as surprised as he was. He hasn't done it since but it was pretty cool.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


In mid-July we inherited a one year old Boston Terrier named Marvin. We got him from my brother and he's been a pretty good addition to our family. He's potty trained and hasn't chewed up hardly a thing. He even tolerates all the abuse our kids can dish out.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Well, it's about time to let you all know that I'm expecting baby #4. It came as quite a shock. I wanted to say, "How did this happen?!?" but I think I know. Initially I felt a little sick to my stomach. Not that we didn't want another McGill around this place . . . I was just hoping for a little more time to enjoy Liam as a baby. And, I had just gotten up the motivation to really start getting the baby weight off . . . I am due around April 1st (no joke ;) ). They will be about 17 months apart. I'm still slightly terrified at the idea of 4 children not even 5 years apart but I'm trying to have faith that all things happen for a reason and that it will all work out. We are hoping this one will be a girl . . . a sister for Kayla and most likely our last. I've been feeling okay. Very tired and sick to my stomach but manageable. And, that's my news.