Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Picnic in the park

A picnic in the park in CA. The kids had a blast with their cousins.

Becks (He was doing the moonwalk in case you're wondering!)
Miss Aurora
Kayla Sue
Brett - the master architect

Sac Zoo

We took a quick trip to CA to visit family. One Saturday we went to the zoo with Grandpa McGill.

Grandpa with Liam
Cute Baby!
McGill Family

Benjamin Surprises Mom

Benjamin had a job interview here in the TC but didn't tell my parents about it. This is my mom being totally stunned with shock to see her oldest son on her doorstep!

Ice Cream at Grandma's

A few nights ago my grandma planned an ice cream night for all the relatives in the area. I'd say by the faces of these kids (including my dad) that it was a success!

Josh's dinosaur
Dad's deluxe sundae
Beckham (imagine crazy laughter)

Mom & Liam

Kayla's 4th Birthday

Kayla was so excited for her birthday. She could hardly handle the anxiety! She helped make her cake and went to sleep that night singing "Happy Birthday" to herself.

Mickey Mouse Cake.
Liam wearing Kayla's new princess earrings.
Pure joy with Grandma.
Beckham happy that the party finally started!
My parents and Liam.

Kayla licking the beaters after mixing her cake.