Monday, April 27, 2009

Thursday, April 23, 2009

So, I haven't been keeping up with my personal journal very well and I'm trying to back track and catch up a bit. Here is something I just wrote from a few days ago that I thought might give you all a laugh at my expense. The only compensation (and the main reason I'm sharing this) is that I know all of you have had days and moments like this!

Thursday, April 23, 2009
Today was awful. McKayla woke up with a fever and didn’t sleep well last night. I canceled my VT appointment and decided to take her into the doctor instead of to pre-school but . . . we had a flat tire. So, I had to get a tow truck and get our van over to Les Schwab. The crazy thing is that it only cost $12.50 to fix and there wasn’t a nail or anything. It was just leaking air. The receptionist said that there might have been some dirt that was holding the tire open and allowing a leak. Well, after that I took McKayla over to the doctor. I told him I thought she might have a UTI since she’s been refusing to go pee, so he asked her to leave a urine sample. I used all my mommy magic to convince her to go but she refused to potty. Unfortunately, I really had to go and just as I sat down McKayla lunged to open the door. I darted off the potty to stop her but couldn’t stop the flow of pee . . . I am pregnant. So, I proceeded to pee all over the floor. Mortified is the only word I can think of to describe that. I cleaned it up with paper towels but I still had to tell another adult what I had done. Ugh. Thankfully the doctor was very understanding . . . he can just add it to his list of crazy things that have happened at work.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Where have I been?

Some of you may have been wondering what happened to me since I haven't posted anything for several weeks. We've definitely been busy lately and tired! It's way past my bedtime but here are a few pictures from Easter Weekend. All the pictures loaded in the reverse order (if anyone knows any secrets for fixing that I'd love to know!).

Easter evening we took the kids to the park to play and run off some of the sugar they ate. McKayla loves to hang from the monkey bars but she hates to drop!
Here's Becks on the slide.
McKayla's favorite thing to do is swing, swing, swing!
I just love this picture of Beckham on the toys.
After church we had quite the ordeal getting the kids to take pictures in their nice Easter clothes. Thanks mom . . . they looked adorable despite these horrible pictures.
Mommy, McKayla and Beckham.Kayla Sue

McKayla pretty much dominated the entire egg race on Saturday afternoon and she loved sorting through her loot.
Beckham and Aiden looking for eggs.
Beckham just getting started looking for eggs.

Beckham, Sadie, Aiden and McKayla all waiting for the egg hunt to begin. You know, I feel really blessed. I wanted to do Easter dinner and most of the celebrating on Saturday this year so that Sunday would be more focused on the Savior and so that I wouldn't be in the kitchen all day. The weather was supposed to be rainy but it was absolutely beautiful all afternoon. When our friends went home . . . it started to rain. Coincidence, I think not. We had a fabulous ham and lots of other great food. Sunday we just enjoyed the leftovers. It was a great Easter.

Friday, April 11th. I tried dying eggs with my kids. After 4 cracked eggs I decided to color the eggs and let the kids eat the broken ones. McKayla was afraid to touch.

Beckham took a big old bite, didn't like it and continued to destroy his egg. He squished it and threw it all over the floor. Good times! I'll try to write more soon.