Friday, January 28, 2011

31 Weeks

Here's me at almost 31 weeks. I can't believe that we are going to have 4 kids in approximately 2 months. A friend gave me a carseat and a bouncy seat since I gave mine away this past summer . . . I didn't realize I'd be needing them so soon! I think I look like I am due at any moment but the doctor said I'm measuring right at 31cm. Go figure? She must not have any room in there because she is kicking me right in the hip joint and under my ribs. :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Funny Stories

So, the kids have said some pretty funny things lately . . .

The other night we were having a family home evening about being nice to people, even if they aren't being nice to you. I read a story and we talked about some examples. At the very end I asked, "So, should we be kind to others even if they are mean to us?" Kayla looked up at me and said, "No! No way mom." She was very serious and I couldn't help but laughing. I'm glad that lesson sunk in!

Today after church everyone was eating lunch. I left the kitchen to take care of Liam for a minute and when I came back Beckham blurts our that daddy gave him some 'daddy drink' (aka soda). I could see Lonnie shaking his head trying to get Beckham to be quiet but Becks just grinned wider and told me about his special drink again. This time Lonnie said, "Becks, I won't be able to give you special treats if you tell everyone. That's part of the 'Man Rule'. Beckham looked up at Lonnie and said, "What's a manimal?" Too funny. We all started laughing so he kept repeating manimal with a confused look. I think they learned about animals in primary today, so I can only imagine what kind of strange creature he was dreaming of in his head.

Finally, tonight Kayla really wanted me to paint her finger and toe nails. I usually do it while the boys are napping because it causes Beckham great stress. He doesn't like that girls get to paint on themselves and he doesn't. Lonnie was trying to console him by explaining that boys get to do lots of cool stuff that girls can't do like peeing standing up. He even promised him a camping trip where they could pee off of a mountain. That seemed to calm him down a bit because Kayla is a little jealous that she can't stand while doing her business. So, after his bath he came running out of the bathroom with his Buzz Lightyear gun yelling about how he was shooting the fingernail polish and peeing off of a mountain. I sincerely hope his imagination doesn't take that story too far . . . peeing off of his bed . . . daddy gets to clean that one up!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Christmas in January

We got one last special Christmas moment in early January when we got a package from Grpa and Grma McGill. Liam was very excited. Did I mention that all of his pics seem to be taken in this chair? Notice his chocolate beard.
Beckham got this fun truck and trailer. He loved pushing the button to hear the music while eating his Santa sucker.

Kayla got a strawberry shortcake apron and chef's hat. She slept with it the first night and wears it daily.

Thanks Grpa and Grma!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Christmas Morning

Beckham is looking ready to open presents!

He loved his new Buzz Lightyear nerf gun and got out all his other gear for the full effect.

Kayla got a kitchen from Santa that has a special highchair for her baby doll. She was a little nervous to see Liam in her space!

Here's my little Liam enjoying his first M&Ms. Notice the red one near his neck . . . he's saving that one for later!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Christmas Eve

Okay, so I've been trying to do this post for days . . . something was going crazy weird with my photo uploader. Today it finally worked! Yeah! These are some picks from Christmas Eve at my Uncle Brett's house. He picked out a special book and matching stuffed animal for the 4 oldest great niece and nephews. Then he read each book. He is a marvelous story teller and the kids were thrilled with their gifts. It was a really great way to end the night and get ready for Santa to come.

For Kayla he picked out "Olivia" . . . you could substitute Kayla's name and it fits her perfectly. She put on her tutu and princess shoes shortly after reading about Olivia. Apparently she needed to keep up with her ability to change clothes!

Next it was Jackson's turn. Brett got him a book called Chowder about a puppy dog.

Beckham got the book, "If you Give a Mouse a Cookie". This was probably the funniest story because Brett added a hand puppet. Everyone was laughing!

Finally, Josh got a book called, "Owl at Home". This was a pretty funny story, too. I think the adults laughed harder than the kids did.

Liam just had a good time walking around with his milk, eating snacks and hoping no one noticed him trying to get ornaments off the tree.