Thursday, January 2, 2014

Family Photos

 For Christmas all my mother-in-law wanted were new family pictures.  I didn't think we had the money to do that so I sent an email to some friends asking if anyone was willing to help us out and I'd let them use my camera.  Well, someone forwarded that to Edes Hill who happens to do real family photos and he offered to do them for FREE!  Best Christmas present ever!
 Senya refused to smile as soon as the camera got near her.
 We make a cute couple!
 Lookin' good!
I love this picture of Kayla.  It might not be the prettiest picture in anyone else's eyes but this is the way I see her.  The expression on her face is priceless.
Handsome Beckham.
Equally handsome Liam.

 My pretty Sen.
Aren't they cute?
 This is a rare happy picture of my oldest who love each other dearly but often have a hard time showing it.

 Daddy and Senny taking a walk.
 Edes thought a leaf fight would help bored kids be willing to take a few more photos.  They had a blast throwing leaves.

A few more headshots of the kids.